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Now Revealed: The actual (word-for-word) lines, stories, and routines that the world’s top pickup artists actually use to seduce beautiful women Day in, Day out

So, let’s face it. The reason people come to Love Systems is to learn how to meet, attract, date, and seduce beautiful women. And the FIRST question EVERYONE asks is:

“What the hell do I say?!”

There is no simple answer. It depends on a lot of things like where you are, what point you are at in the conversation, what her attraction level is, how old she is…and more. It’s not easy.

We spend 3 whole days coaching guys on the right things to say in our legendary seduction bootcamps, and have learned that the most important product anyone could create was a comprehensive manual of the world’s BEST seduction material. Word-for-Word. No assembly required.

That’s why Love Systems master instructor “The Don” spent a year scouring the minds of the world’s best seducers for the greatest material out there and created the groundbreaking Love Systems Routines Manual (Vol. I) and NOW:


This is a whole NEW volume with entirely NEW routines, picking up right where Vol. I left off!

Due the overwhelming success of Vol. I which became arguably the most popular dating science product in the industry we decided to create a second volume and add to the powerful canon of knowledge contained in Routines Manual Vol. I, giving you even more brand new, concrete, action oriented tactics that you can go out and use with beautiful women TONIGHT!

Never run out of things to say or lack for smooth,

  • If you’ve ever talked to women before you know that the single most important thing a guy needs to consistently flow in a conversation with beautiful women is a ready-to-go arsenal of conversation openers, great stories, routines and material.
  • This is 170 pages that will literally flood your mind with possibilities and inspiration for starting and continuing conversations with women in ways that you’ve never even thought possible!
  • Knowing exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time can be HARD. But we’re iving you the most LEARNABLE and COMPREHENSIVE resource in the world so you can learn to do it with ease!

All new, never seen before material…

  • You’ll learn wickedly effective routines peeled from the minds of top Love Systems instructors (like Braddock, Savoy, The Don, Jeremy Soul and Mr. M) and the other great seducers from all over the world (like Brad P., Sinn and more). Much of this is material that has never seen the light of day in writing. These are battle-tested favorites that the most cutting edge seducers in the world have kept for themselves… until now!
  • In Vol. II we take things a step further with bolder, more radical routines that will heat up any conversation and exploit the counter-intuitive nature of male/female psychology. The gauntlet’s been thrown and we’ve kicked it up a notch in Vol. II!

PLUS we included BONUS SECTIONS on the most sought after (and rarely covered) topics in pickup… Day Game, Phone Game and Palm/Cold Reading.

  • DAY GAME – Soul, the Love Systems resident expert on Day Game gives us his best material for meeting and seducing women right in the middle of your day. This is information that can’t be found anywhere outside his $2,997 in-field Day Game seminar but you can preview it here in Vol. II. It includes daytime openers and attraction material that you can’t get anywhere else!
  • PHONE GAME – One of the company’s most innovative instructors, Braddock, gives a no-nonsense breakdown on how to develop nuclear phone game. It’s loaded with examples of highly effective, real life, text and phone conversations with women that got Braddock laid using humor, framing and solid tactics that you can replicate with ease.
  • PALM AND COLD READING – These controversial tactics can either work like magic or make you look like a total cheesedick. The secret is to frame it right and have the right tone and make truly penetrating readings. European seduction master Badboy breaks it all down for you and gives you an exhaustive list of all the greatest palm and cold reading lines out there, proving what a powerful set of tools they can be.

PLUS for the first time ever we introduce the all new TRIAD MODEL!

  • As the art of seduction has evolved the paradigms and models have changed to create better and more successful techniques culminating in the all new TRIAD MODEL which Nick Savoy introduces and breaks down in detail for the first time EVER. The Triad Model is all about the magic of integrating what you are saying seamlessly with sexual escalation and logisitical progression. This is next level game where you aren’t just spitting routines out, but rather moving the entire interaction in a sexual direction that gets you what you want. You have to learn this.

Do you want to access information that will profoundly improve your success with women?

Get Routines Manual Vol. II NOW!

Or Get Both Routines Manual Vol.I AND Vol. II Together For a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE!

This book isn’t about rambling abstract theory.

It’s about actual lines you can say tonight.

Actual conversational threads you should be using to make a deep impression that “wows” her in a visceral, gut level way.

Actual things you can say to sexually escalate a normal conversation into one where she wants you…bad.

This is like finding a detailed map that tells you exactly how to navigate a conversation from beginning to end to get a woman into bed.

We crammed a crazy amount of information in this Manual to cover everything:

  • Openers – New super creative ways to start conversations with women ranging from chilled out relaxed, to balls to the wall aggressive.
  • Transitions – Get off the opener with these routines and into the actual process of seduction with smoothness and ease and don’t even seem like you’re trying.
  • Attraction Material – Where to begin? This thing is loaded to the brim with Attraction Material. Routines, stories, games, jokes, disqualifiers, interesting stuff, funny stuff… It’s all here.
  • Qualifiers – A nuts and bolts breakdown on how to really qualify a woman so you don’t ever end up in the “friend zone.”
  • Comfort Material – We reveal powerful, unique conversations you can have with a woman to break down her emotional barriers and build a tight, intimate connection that will bond her to you and take her breath away.
  • Physical Escalation Routines – Down and dirty detailed methods for infusing physicality and sexuality into your interactions. (Without this you are just talking aimlessly and moving nowhere towards getting her into bed.)
  • Seduction Tactics – Break down her hesitation and resistance with these calculated maneuvers that will put her at ease, stir up her sexual juices and get her to say yes without being pushed.
  • Phone Game – More girls are lost on the phone than anywhere else. Don’t let this happen to you. You need to use the phone material in this book and get them out on dates and get them into bed.
  • Day Game – You come across more women every DAY of your life than you’ll ever meet at night. Start taking advantage of this NOW by using the Day Game material we give you!

And you’ve never seen any of this stuff before!

“So much great stuff in here it’s actually almost overwhelming.” -RF

This is the most cutting edge seduction material in the world!

The days of the played out material from “The Game” are long gone and dating science experts have been working hard to find new and better methods for seducing women.

It’s really become like a Manhattan Project for pickup. There is so much innovation and so much more variety outside the original dogma and we’ve totally captured this diversity of styles and methods in Routines Manual Vol. II.

You’re literally robbing yourself of a world class education in seduction if you do not own this book.

Inside Routines Manual Vol. II you will find this and much, much more:

  • Exploiting contrasts — learn the secrets of contrasting “state based” and “intrigue based” game to bring your attraction game to a whole new level. (The usefulness of this goes way beyond just pickup.)
  • The most powerful method for physically escalating from social, to playful to sexual without seeming like a gropey awkward weirdo. (Most guys are complete klutzes when it comes to physical escalation.)
  • Mr. M’s Force Frame Opener that’s specifically built to open only the hottest girl in the bar and completely neutralize her defense mechanisms right in the first sentence.
  • The one surefire way to turn the conversation dirty and sexual early on without coming off sleazy. (It doesn’t involve trying to be “smooth,” so stop.)
  • Hysterical new roleplaying scenarios that will get girls completely cracking up. (And at the same time complying to your every demand.)
  • Learn the totally underhanded technique of Sexual Seeding to create a level of sexual tension she can’t resist.
  • Subtle conversational threads for Comfort that will lock in Attraction, build a real connection and pay you massive dividends at the end of the night.
  • Snap her out of her languid indifference by using teases that get a rise from her and pump her emotions. (Without being a passive aggressive creeper.)
  • Surefire phone game strategies to ensure that you see her again once you have her number. (So many potential dates are lost because guys blow it on the phone. It’s just as important as your “in-field” game.)

And that barely scratches the surface!

Get Routines Manual Vol. II NOW!

Or Get Both Routines Manual Vol.I AND Vol. II Together For a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE!

And all this info is totally organized by category and layed out for easy use so you can hit the ground running. We’ve compiled this vast compendium of battle tested seduction knowledge so you don’t have to do the work!

Let’s face it, you don’t have access to the greatest minds in the seduction community like we do. We literally had to beg and coerce some of these guys to give up their material. But they did. And now we have it. And so can you.

This material is the “magic” that makes infamous seducers masters with women. They’ve literally broken the code on this and we’re handing you the instructions.

Every routine also comes with in depth commentary guiding you on all the nuances — the best timing, context, delivery and target audience to use it on. It’s like having a Love Systems instructor coaching you one on one.

And, as with all Love Systems products, you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

You risk absolutely NOTHING by acting now.

So if you want to learn the exact specifics on WHAT to say

WHEN to say it…

And step by step instructions on how to seduce women in a way that’s been painstakingly developed and successfully TESTED UNDER FIRE IN THE REAL WORLD

“I wish I had something like this when I was starting out. It would have taken YEARS off my learning curve!”
– Cajun
Love Systems Instructor

“…the best pickup resource anywhere. This is so incredibly useful.”

“I honestly didn’t think they’d outdo the first volume, but they did… It’s amazing. So much great stuff in here it’s actually almost overwhelming.”

Are you ready to IMMERSE yourself in the most deadly, potent and useful seduction material in the world and start CLOSING today?

Have the most INSANELY EFFECTIVE techniques for seducing GORGEOUS WOMEN at your fingertips right now!


And don’t forget you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

You risk absolutely NOTHING if you BUY NOW.

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Or Get Both Routines Manual Vol.I AND Vol. II Together